October 3, 2008

Sarah Palin visits UC-Berkeley

Sarah Palin visits UC-Berkeley, originally uploaded by flatpalin.

Here I am standing by Sather Gate on the UC Berkeley campus. This was shortly before I climbed up to spend some time with the treesitters.I explained that they had to come down, so we could drill those trees for oil. Drill, baby, drill.

October 2, 2008

Sarah in Nairobi, Kenya

Sarah in Nairobi, Kenya, originally uploaded by flatpalin.

Oh my gawsh. It's so hot here. I brought my igloo here, and oh my, it just y'know melted! (Thanks Ivy!)

October 1, 2008

Sarah Palin in Chicago

Sarah Palin in Chicago, originally uploaded by flatpalin.

Oh my gawsh. They don't have giant Levis in Wasilla.

September 30, 2008

Sarah Palin at a Chicago bus stop

In Wasilla, we only have the MTA -- that's Mush Transportation Authority -- but in Chicago, they have the buses. Todd's a musher, you know.

Sarah Palin on the Art Museum steps

This is when I visited the giant lions at the Art Institute of Chicago. I think I once went lion hunting...are they an endangered species?

How to Create Your Own Flat Palin

1. Print this picture of Sarah Palin
2. Laminate (if you choose)
3. Put on stick
4. Take pictures of Flat Palin in front of major landmarks and historic sites.
4a. Pass off to someone else (so she can see the entire world!!)
5. Act quickly (We only have a month to get her to all 7 continents!)

Email your Palin sightings to flatpalin@gmail.com and they will be added to Sarah's travel journal!

Sarah Palin on South Michigan

Sarah Palin on South Michigan, originally uploaded by flatpalin.

Chicago is just so big! I think they can fit, gawsh, maybe 1,000 Wasillas in the Sears Tower.

I almost went to the Russian Tea Room for dinner, but thought the better of it.